Pitbull Vs. Bubble Machine

Our big bad bully got a new toy this weekend!!


What we did this weekend.

It’s memorial day weekend and we didn’t have major plans, so we decided to chill around the house for a couple days.  Clifford started his new job last week and I had another 60+hour week so we really needed some time to relax and reconnect with each other.  We just sat around the house Friday night and grabbed burritos from my fave local place in Rockford called Burrito Bravo.  Saturday we pretty much worked on the house and watched American Ninja Warrior (we might be obessed now- can’t wait for the new season on Wednesday).

We did take the big dog for a walk on Saturday and let him take a dip in the river.  Such a good swimmer:



We headed out to dinner, drinks, and a live band.  Clifford tried to set our friend up with the lead singer and we pretty much dominated the place with our obnoxious singing.

Sunday morning we just did some stuff around the house and then went shopping.  I got some Bluetooth headphones (which are amazing!) and I wanted to get a tripod for my phone to do more videos but couldn’t find one in the stores around here- might need to check out ebay.

It’s now Sunday night and we’re cooking out on the grill, drinking a few beers and listening to music.  I made this awesome fruit salsa with nectarines, blueberries, strawberries, red onion, cilantro, Serrano pepper, honey, and lime.  Recipe coming soon!


fruit salsa ingredients fruit-salsa-and-pacifico fruit-salsa-closeup-nectaries-blueberries-strawberries-onion-pepper-cilantro-honey-lime

We’re going to chill for the rest of the night and be thankful we’re not working tomorrow.

Comment down below and let me know what you got up to this weekend.

See you later friends!

Swiming with Pitbulls

Our little Bully, Fridge (AKA Refridgerator, AKA Refridgerator Perry, AKA DA Fridge, AKA Fridgie), is obsessed with water and swimming.  From a giant river to a peaceful lake to the kiddie pool on our back deck, he will jump in just about any kind of water.  The other night we took him for a walk on our local bike path…which is always a bit of risk since it runs ride along the side of the Rock River.  Keeping him away from the water is always a challenge.  During that trip, he ended up not only jumping into the river, but also into a cute little zen garden pond, complete with a waterfall and perfectly landscaped plants.  Now, the Fridge is not an unruly, poorly behaved dog by any means.  He’s really well trained and obedient but some times he forgets that and jumps in a duck pond.  And who can blame him?  Swimming is pretty awesome.

This weekend was really hot and so naturally we had the kiddie pool filled up for him on the deck so he could cool off.  I attempted to sit outside with him to catch some rays (since I’m a super pale English chick) and splashed around in the pool with him.  Here is the result:


Where it all began!

Hello Internet!  Thank you for stopping by and checking out my blog.  It’s always a bit daunting when you sit down to right your first blog post.  Do I talk about myself?  The blog?  Something random?  Type it up. Read it. Edit it. Re-read it. Edit it 10 million more times and then ultimately just scrap it.  I’ll try not to do that this time around.

A bit about the blog: This is a lifestyle blog, a review blog, a thoughts blog, an idea blog, a DIY blog, a recipe blog, a blog blog.  A place to be me and share my life with the world.

About me:  I’m Lexi. I’m a 30 something girl living in Northern Illinois.  I was born in England and moved here when I was 4 years old.  This was a major influencing factor in my life and still is- we’ll get into that later. I work as a QA manager and I’m a nurse.  I live with my wonderful boyfriend, Clifford, and our 2 dogs.

Here we are At the Chicago Auto Show 2016

Here we are At the Chicago Auto Show 2016

We spend our weekends fixing up the house, riding the motorcycle, grilling out, cooking, garage sale hutning (“pickin”), and running the dogs.

Why I’m creating a blog: I’ve always been a creative person and had a passion for making things. This isn’t my first blog or website.  I’ve been experimenting with webdesign and blogging since 2003 or so. I’ve always been attracted to technology and social media and connecting with others. I have a fantastic job that I really love.  However, it doesn’t always afford me the creative outlet I need.  Sure, I have some opportunities to be creative at work, but usually we do things by the book.  I need a space to make something that is all my own and share it with people that are interested in the same things I am.  I’d also like to do some YouTube videos and get into vlogging since I’m obsessed with YouTube these days.  That will be coming in the next few weeks.

So stay tuned, because we’re going to have some fun here.  Comment down below if you have your own blog and tell me all about it!

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!